YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation: review for eczema skin

This foundation has been around for a while now and is still touted as one of the best for dry and eczema-prone skin. With its light-reflecting properties, it could be just the thing to perk up dull and dry skin – but how good is it in practice?

Value for money

At £31.50 for a 30ml bottle this foundation doesn’t come cheap. It has a pump to distribute the liquid, which is difficult to control so if you only want minimal coverage, it can give you more than you need. This is likely to use it up faster, but even with that downside, it does last an incredibly long time. I’ve had mine for around a year, and I’ve used around a third of the bottle (I’m not an everyday foundation wearer) so it’s still going strong.


Colour choice

Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation comes in 17 shades. I’m pretty fair, and on days when my face is flushed, I like foundation that cools everything down and takes the redness away (more about that later), so I went with the palest colour, the B10.


One pump’s worth


The foundation itself goes on moderately well. It feels silky, so it’s easy to blend. Sometimes with foundation that’s destined for oilier climes, they can feel chalky when applying them to dry skin, but there’s none of that with the YSL.

Downside is that is does make my face feel warm for the first couple of minutes, so I don’t wear it if my skin is feeling volatile.  As long as I’m somewhere cool, the warmth goes down after a few minutes, but for other people that might not be the case.

That being said, it does what it says on the tin and it really is reflective – the light was bouncing off my face! Which is a bit annoying when trying to take photos, but I gave it my best shot (pun intended).


so does it give you berryface?

Yes and no. My skin is never perfect, and it did do a good job of covering up the red patches. However, it was quite drying. The pic below was taken about an hour after application and you can see that the dry patches are starting to come through.



I can’t fault how the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation looks when it first goes on; everything looks flawless on a good day and covers up redness on a bad day. However, the slight reaction it gives when first applied gives off warning signals – if you’re a little bit sensitive to any of its ingredients then you might find it aggravating.

The drying effect it has after such a short space of time isn’t great either, and I’ve found myself wearing it only on special occasions, when I’m happy to give my skin a day to recover. At £31.50, I think there are better foundations out there.

Rating strawberry_22x27 strawberry_22x27


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