New year, new me… possibly

Happy new year everybody!

As is customary in the new year (along with wistfully browsing holiday destinations in and around the Caribbean), I’ve been thinking about how to add a bit of chutzpah back into my life. I always find that when I’m busy, my skin improves. It’s all to easy over Christmas to laze around in PJs for two weeks, stuffing your face, and watching an average of three movies a day (part of me isn’t even ashamed).

But now ’tis the season to be energetic! And first on my resolution list is to rectify the busloads of chocolate that was consumed over the holidays. This is a two step process:

Step 1: Join Slimming World (hear me out)

I was pretty skeptical about any diet groups at first. I hadn’t had any contact with them or anyone who had ever joined one. But in September, one of my friends joined, and I went along to see what it was about. The concept of Slimming World is pretty simple – eat as much fruit and veg as you like, eat as much pasta and rice as you life (as long as each meal or serving is made up of a third fruit or veg) and have a daily allocation of dairy and bread. Anything really fun to eat (you know the stuff) is totted up as a points system, and you’re allowed 5-15 depending on your individual requirements.

And that is pretty much all there is to it. All of those healthy foods can’t be bad for you, and they encourage drinking lots of water to keep you (and your skin!) hydrated. So I embarked on this process last year, and lost about 9lbs in 5 weeks just by making a few changes and keeping an eye on fat intake, which was incredible. Even more amazing was that I came off it in November and it stayed off over the Christmas period, despite my gorging myself. So now I’m a Slimming World convert and I’ll be posting some recipe reviews soon.

Step 2: Do some sort of exercise

Me, workout

Easier said than done. For me, resistance training is the way to go. I love weights, and feeling my body getting stronger, and seeing muscles start to pop out. But it all goes wrong when it comes down to cardio training. If I try and run anywhere, I look something akin to an oddly shaped boulder rolling down a hill. I find that sweaty (apologies for imagery) exercising can make eczema flare up so I try and steer clear (I’m also pre-tty lazy when it comes to moving quickly!) In an attempt to become more gazelle-like I’ll be giving some at-home workouts a review in the coming weeks. Keep up with my progress here. See you all soon!


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